Nov 11 2012


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The Jew is approximately the 100 kilometers of the Galilia, Jesus and the disciples had a long day for the front. When arriving the Sicar, the disciples had been to the city to buy provisions, and Jesus stopped next to the well of Jac to rest. To to sit down next to the source, after that came close a Samaritana. Doubtlessly Jesus was tired of the trip and needed to rest. Of course he would have to be with headquarters, due to the high temperatures of the region fatigue of the trip. Jesus asked for to drink the Samaritana.

happened an interesting fact here and that the proper evangelista cites. The Jews and the samaritanos did not have a good relationship. Some writings count that, when a samaritano one passes for a Jew, the Jew cospe to the soil in signal of dissatisfaction with the presence of the samaritano. still, the men did not have dialogues with the women, still more women with a life doubtful. Jesus when asking for to drink for the Samaritana, it breaks paradigms. First, a Jew to talk with a samaritano.

Second, a master to talk with a woman. finally, Jesus who is God in the figure human being, to ask for to drink the man. Who is God asked for to drink. It has at this moment an inversion of values, God if offering a pecadora. It is much love of God stops with us. A priori the Samaritana if scares with the attitude of Jesus and exclama: As it is that you, being Jewish, ask for to drink me? The first contact of Jesus with the woman, caused estranhamento to it, and soon, it perceived that it was about a different person. Jesus has this capacity, of if showing different to that we have with conventional and rational. In such a way, the first contact with It has this trend, to take the individual to the questioning.

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