Aug 25 2011

Sales Analysis Planning Forecast

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What is a sales analysis? Why do I need an analysis of sales? What methods are applied to analyze the sales? These and other questions frequently asked by owners, entrepreneurs and executives. And each of their answers may be quite different. And everyone will be in its own right. The answers to these questions depend on the purpose of confronting managers and information needed for decision making. Depending on this analysis sales can amount to selective or cumulative review of such parameters as: revenue, shipments, sales in volume and value terms, the remains of a warehouse, selling price, assortment analysis series, profitability, earnings, income, expenses, receivables and payables, the number of customers, number of calls made by sales manager, etc.

In this paper, we propose to consider one of analysis of sequence variants in sales. At the initial stage, the analysis of sales, sales mix and profitability of sales. At this stage, identify trends, which are formed with respect to sales (Growth, stability, decline), as well as the influence of groups and categories of products / services to these trends and level of influence. Change in share of profit earned in each of the hryvnia, the effect of the previous period changes in prices for products / services and changes in cost levels. Analysis of sales, as well as analysis of any other activities can be carried out for various measurements as someone convenient. One of these is the most basic and performance-based "Statistician." Indicators that are used in the calculations: The analysis of sales: sales of products and services both in volume and in value terms in the dynamics (in terms of periods of time – year, month, week, day) growth rate, growth rate, compared with the previous period, revenue and profits, other things. Analysis of the structure of sales: the volume of sales of products and services both in volume and in value terms in the context of groups and categories products / services, by client, for individual retail outlets, more.

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