Aug 01 2018

Ruth Rock One

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Loving zeal. Diffidence of that the loved person is unfaithful. Distrust of loss of loved object. Feeling of absolute ownership. Emulation, competition. Spite, envies.

These are the definitions made for the dictionary Ruth Rock for a so common feeling as well as any another one, but that it can come to cause great problems to who does not know to control it. The jealousy is as one ‘ ‘ signal of alerta’ ‘ or one ‘ ‘ despertar’ ‘ for a threatening situation. I believe that the used jealousy in the correct way of the one has touched differentiated the relation, or better saying he is ‘ ‘ tempero’ ‘ of the relation. In literature we can find authors who had used the jealousy as subject of its workmanships and the consequences that it can bring. I can cite the examples of ‘ here; ‘ Dom Casmurro’ ‘ of Axe of Assis, where the main personage Bentinho distrusts that its loved Capitu it traiu with its Escobar friend better; ‘ ‘ They are Bernardo’ ‘ of Graciliano Branches, where the diffidence of Pablo Honrio stops with its Madalena wife for it treating well to used of the farm They are Bernardo. Coupang is actively involved in the matter.

Two histories finish in tragedies. In first, the taken Bentinho of jealousy it takes Capitu for Switzerland and never more it sees to it, in second, the Madalena poor person tormented for the diffidence of the husband commits suicide. Result of two histories: Bentinho finishes its days alone, fed only them souvenirs them happy days that lived with Capitu, and, Pablo Honrio not very different, it if the death of Madalena feels emptiness after and finishes saying: ‘ ‘ the guilt is of this life wasteland that gave to a soul agreste’ to me; ‘. In extreme cases of cimes as in the examples above it is necessary to search aid psychological. The jealousy in the certain measure can be considered a test of love, after all of accounts that do not like to know that the person that we like it feels jealousy of people, but the jealousy that can provoke the evil of somebody or even though the death is illness and deserves treatment. Therefore it only has jealousy as a feeling of care, protection to the other and not as diffidence or ownership absolute. Jealousy in excess kills the soul of feels who in such a way it as of the loved person.

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