May 31 2016

Rivera Casares Executives

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Although extrahoteleros for periods of vacation accommodation rental is already usual tendency among families and groups of friends, HomeAway, the leading portal for bed and breakfast via the Internet, you have just discovered in its latest survey that the attraction of renting alternative to hotel accommodations gains in popularity among executives and executives who have to travel regularly for work reasons. The survey is part of the HomeAway Vacation Rental Marketplace Report report and reveals that 10% of queried travelers has already used extrahoteleros accommodations during a business trip and 42% would raise it. Respondents say prefer alternative to hotel accommodations during a business trip for the following reasons: – access free, and already included in the price, to services like kitchen washing machine and iron (69%) – lower costs (58%) – greater sense of home (49%) – more space physicist who enjoy (44%) – greater number of rooms to share with colleagues or family in cases of long stays (35%) – Greater privacy (25%) As explained by Laura Rivera Casares, a magnificent choice by both cost savings and greater satisfaction of its employees is responsible for, for those companies whose executives and executives need to perform numerous business trips rental of accommodations. In this sense, Rivera Casares stresses that those travelling for business can avoid the hotel restaurants closed hours. In addition to have the feeling of being at home, away from home, and more space to work and relax, something difficult in a small hotel room.

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