Mar 17 2016

Reduce The Electricity Costs Of Their Washing Machine To 50 Percent

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serious as they cost at the laundry who knows more, more can save this also applies to the laundry. Read our tips to lower costs! The cooking cycle may be waived today through the use of modern detergents. Typically, all stains be removed either in normal wash mode or are not from the laundry to get out. Slightly soiled as well as coloured and synthetic textiles are clean even at 30 or 40 degrees and down to the pores clean. You have to fight very strong stain, with a pre-treatment with standard Fleckenlosern and then a wash is recommended through the 50. Hot water costs a lot of money. Modern households can save through a wash in the range of 30-40 degrees over half of their costs. Take down a further step from 60 degrees to 30 degrees – need just one-third of the current.

Energy-saving programmes save electricity by high washing temperatures are lowered and compensated by longer exposure times. The energy-saving programmes although often extend the wash for approximately 15 minutes, but the laundry also suffers. By skipping the pre-wash cycle, you can shorten the cycle and save energy and water. A full washing machine with saving the most effective Losung.Kaufen equals a washing machine in the appropriate size. The volume of washing is usually larger than intended. The maximum weight is specified in the product documentation and on the EU-label.

Many washing machines offer today the program function 1/2 “. Still no 100% cost-efficiency can be to accomplish. Unfortunately, however, only 10-20 percent can be saved at half volume. Of course it is advantageous to use them, but still better to make the washing machine full. The best way is always at full load of wash. Some modern machines have an automatic load control or work with so-called fuzzy logic”. Knowing the machine by electronic sensors”, with how much laundry you loaded is less Water fed and therefore uses less power for the heating of water. Also here it is but the most energy-efficient, fully to load the machine. Detergent for the washing machine dispensing according to soiling and water hardness. The addition of a water softening agent for washing machines is recommended in areas with particularly hard water (water hardness range 3 + 4). You can then use the detergent with the lowest recommended dosage for the appropriate level of soiling. If you do not know the hardness of your water, then consult your relevant water supply company. Read the specifications of the manufacturer. We recommend you to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. To obtain the best washing results guaranteed and do something for the environment at the same time. Washing machines can not simply be connected to the hot water pipe. New heating systems, which very cost-effectively prepare water exist in the near future, however, these systems amount previously on exceptions. If you have a hot water heating system, you should also buy the right washing machine. For most of our readers, it’s not interesting. Detailed information from your retailer.

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