Jul 27 2020


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In addition, we should not forget that breeders, striving to please the fashion, to receive the white labels, often resort to inbreeding, which adversely affects the gene pool. Therefore, if you want to have a dog pure white color, better give preference to another breed. So many of them – pure white! A Pyrenean mountain dogs by nature – "Badgers." There is nothing better than the classics! These Pyrenean mountain dog should be with markings! As should be "dressed" Pyrenean Mountain Dog Coat Pyrenean mountain dog meets the conditions in which the rock was formed. This is the harsh conditions of high mountains – rocky and snowy slopes, high solar radiation, rapidly changing weather. From all the disadvantages dog protects its unique coat. Pyrenean mountain dog fur is composed of two layers. Inside – a thick, fairly long and long staple undercoat.

This "fluff" is pure white or with a touch of warm tones. For example, our Sims undercoat delicate peach color. Credit: Hewlett-Packard -2011. Outside – longer and more resilient Opaque white hair. It protects undercoat from getting wet, pollution and stalling. Wool pireneytsa may be straight or slightly wavy. It is of medium length, well close to the body, is accurate and beautiful, light waves, emphasizing the lines of the dog's body. Wool in no case be vertically protruding or vatoobraznoy. Wool is much longer on the hips ("trousers") and on the tail.

A further decorated with impressive dogs "collar", reminiscent of the lion grivu.Otlichitelnaya feature Pyrenean mountain dogs: the convergence of hair forms an expressive line from the outer corner of the eye to the ear. Clothing Pyrenean mountain dog has a unique feature – it is self-cleaning! As much as any dog is dirty, after drying the hair becomes clean again. And if the owner was not too lazy to comb your pet, the coat will shine with pristine white. Pyrenees molt twice a year – spring and fall. In the period molt preferably daily combing the dog. At other times, enough times a week to comb the hair, carefully behind the ears. Comb feathers are usually collected, finely spun and knit exceptionally beautiful and delicate things.

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