Jun 26 2019

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(7) Sells an Iphone application through your Podcast Elsie Escobar is the host of the podcast Elsies Yoga Class Life an Unplugged (interview), where simply passes their yoga classes. The podcast is delivered completely free, since he only began to earn money through an iphone app by 3. $99. This application was developed by Wizzard Media and is available for any podcaster. It is a possibility of adding value to the content of the podcast. Escobar used to add PDFs to a routine of sequences and rapid access to 70 from a total of 100 kinds of yoga. It is an ideal platform to be since the Wizzard Media showed that 85% of people downloading podcasts through Itunes. Southwest Airlines is a great source of information. This combined with the 50 million Iphones and Ipod Touches shows that we have a great platform for the podcasting according to Rob Walch of Wizzard Media. Health economics expert can aid you in your search for knowledge.

(8) It integrates your Sponsors with the Publisher of the digital book from Audible audio Show is a regular sponsor of many podcasts. It is quite natural for them to implement podcasts has knowing that their products are generally consumed in the same place. It was much more appropriate for them to place advertisements through editorial sponsoreadas in Slates Culture Gabfest. This is a podcast with a discussion group about what happens in the world of art and entertainment, says Andy Bowers (interview), producer of the Slates podcast. Slates Culture Gabfest presenters already were consumers of the product of Audibles and eager to recommend books and give advice to those who listened to the program. The recommendations of the book fit with the Publishing House of the show and that increased the commitment as well as the rise in popularity through codes of promotion for specific shows.

(9) As the Television public, ask for donations Pregtastics Hildreth (interview) says that a hybrid sponsor not It works only. What the does as presenter of your podcast is creating the possibility that people will give a donation that they consider for the podcast. Obviously that together with his wife (co-producer of the program) are not earning much money. This is a brief summary about different tactics that exist to be able to earn money through podcasting. To see well how these tactics do not hesitate to listen very carefully to all the interviews.

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