Dec 05 2012

Proper Man

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Therefore, who is only great genius gets success with the work of art whose object is the man, that is, the historical painting, the sculpture, the tragedy, the lyric poetry; a lesser degree of genius already obtains to purely conceive the nature animal and destitute of 15 knowledge, that is, to intuir it without the will is stimulated, exactly because its relations with the will of the artist 16 are not so numerous, vigorous and immediate; for this reason, it is a lesser degree of genius what one reveals in the painting of animals, the landscape, the nature-deceased, the descriptive poetry, arquitetura' ' (Schopenhauer, Arthur. Metaphysics of the Beauty. Unesp. 2003 – 69). Therefore, according to above-mentioned paragraph, Schopenhauer, when making judgment of value to the ideas, conceiving them as some next ones to the will of the artist while man, other more remote of this same will, understands that the degree of genius in this artist always is mensurado according to capacity that this has to deny itself while individual 17, to undress of its will while to want immediate that it searchs in the coveted thing its immediate relief and ephemeral satisfaction and to assume as pure citizen of knowing that, way contemplation, intui aesthetic, ilibada and objective the idea desirable that it has the man idea and displays as subject of its art, this never being the service of the will, for being effect of the proper negation of the relations and the human subjetivismo. Said in another way, to become of the man idea subject of its art, all artist must, necessary and inevitably 18, deny the maximum of itself while 19 individual. Another term that we will find in intrinsic link with the concept of genius in Schopenhauer is Fancy. According to philosopher, this ' ' he serves the genius to extend its circle of vision stops beyond the objects that if they offer to its person in the reality, in such a way according to amount how much according to quality.

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