Nov 22 2018

Product Videos

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More service for the customers of product videos to our top watches uhrcenter years is one of the leading online shops for watches and jewelry in Europe. Excellent product quality, competitive prices, professional customer service and a user friendly online store are the basis for the success of the company. With the introduction of product videos watch highlights aimed uhrcenter even more according to the wishes of the customer. Pictures say more than 1000 words, but a video says a lot more! A watch is a highly technical but also stylish and emotional product. About the new watch the customer not just want to know how it works, but how they are wearing and what features does it. Today no longer satisfied is a demanding customer with two or three product images. At a time where people are becoming more and more on social platforms such as Facebook or YouTube and mobile use, videos get increasingly important.

Is of course the respective product videos Wristwatch in the Center. The customer sees even the smallest details, such as the processing of the Crown or the nature of the case. The back of the watch is also important for many customers and therefore as fully represented as the bracelet, clasp, and the effect of the watch on the wrist. The customer can make is a better picture of the offered clock. A service which is second to none in the German online-Watch trading. “Together with Hannes Staudt and Sebastian Metzger, the founders of the film company plastic film-maker”, elaborate product videos have been created for the watches.

A film studio was specially set to introduce the high-quality products in the right context. We start with 50 product videos to our top-sellers last year, thus not final but is still long. Product videos collection now coming spring/summer are already for the work and will enrich our store starting in April. The first response to our videos was very positive and we are happy today, our Customers to introduce new product videos. You want to look at all the highlights of watches with product video on, so please click on this link: watch videos / the wishes of customers are at uhrcenter in the Centre of all efforts. This applies the assortment policy, both for shipping or customization of watches and jewellery to individual requirements of customers. In the current video company portrait on de/service/history.htm you can take a look behind the scenes of the online shop.

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