Nov 13 2015

Prime Minister Gordon Brown

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In Spain there is a rare weather phenomenon for the season. There was heavy snowfall. Cooling and precipitation came to the north of the peninsula much before their normal time. In addition to snow, atmospheric front brought heavy fog. In this regard, local authorities have asked motorists to temporarily refrain from traveling long distances. Unfortunately, the forecast meteorologists in the coming days temperature did not significantly increase, but a snowstorm blows over. In Britain, a ministry dealing with climate change The new ministry of energy and combating climate change was launched in the uk Friday. As noted by the Office of the Prime Minister Gordon Brown's creation of a new ministry designed to reflect the increasing importance of energy security and efficient use of energy in the world economic crisis and rising energy prices, as well as strengthen efforts to combat climate change, which Britain is traditionally attached great importance to both the national and international level. In transferred to the Ministry of questions that were previously the responsibility of the other two ministries: the Ministry of Energy is at business and entrepreneurship, climate change – the Ministry of Environment Environment, Food and Agriculture. On weekends, thousands of Russians believed the birds the next international day of observation of birds, in which from the public data collected by ornithologists across national focal points, were held over the weekend – October 4-5. Thousands of nature lovers have gone to the city park, the city or just outside to record and count all birds seen.

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