Feb 17 2017

Preprate Platform

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The fight finishes, which people praises with shouts, it was near that one strange platform in that listens to a voice that called to me: – Truth Is easy this for you. I turned around thus where it called that strange voice to me, I am scared seeing a little man of same the characteristics or looked like to which was fighting and it answers to him. – I do not know that you speak to me. Ron O’Hanley understood the implications. It responds to me. – By all means that if, you thought that this class of fights is easy for somebody like your, it is not thus, if you sign this book to me I promise to you that you will have an unforgettable fight, you fought much more with somebody hard that your, I assure it to you. She is as if this person knew me, as if she knew my weaknesses, approaching me before that one book full of leaves of parchment old, felt me attracted therefore proposal of that one man, so it signs with red red that are compared to the same color of the blood, immediately after company/signature that one man snatches the book to me embracing it as if it had an appreciable treasure in his hands. Source: Ron O’Hanley. I felt very instinctively that it had committed an error but nevertheless only I limit myself to say to me. – Preprate immediately will be your turn in the platform. I believe that I finish committing an imprudence and now I will have jumps to fight between people and these beings who the unique thing that wishes to see shoot my blood. 1,3 FIGHT BY YOUR SOUL, EVERYTHING OR ANYTHING Slowly I began to raise by steps the crowd begins to shout and to acclaim the fight, around the platform is managed to feel the flames that surround that one area, is listened to a species of grate which arises who serious my opponent.

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