Apr 01 2019

Powerflasher Hamburg: New And Customer-oriented

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The Aachen-based multimedia opened agency Powerflasher in Hamburg its new branch on November 2, 2009. Aachen, November 02, 2009 – In the Aachen turret is the ancestral home of Powerflasher. In addition, they are already present at the International Helsinki and San Francisco locations with own employees. Now, the successful German multimedia agency applies also a lodging in the vicinity of the most important German creative agencies. The Powerflasher indeed for the first time in Hamburg are at home from November. We get close\”, is therefore the motto with which are Powerflasher Hamburg, as specialists in multimedia project implementation, daily personally available to their customers. The decision for the branch office in Hamburg was for strategic reasons. \”Carlo Blatz, founder and CEO of Powerflasher do this: the idea matures long: Hamburg for years in the advertising and communications sector ranks among the major agency sites worldwide\”.

The Powerflasher support since 1997 at the renowned creative agencies Development and implementation of award-winning multimedia projects. The type of collaboration with other agencies is different from project to project. Ranging from consulting and training on additional creative or technical manpower to full productions. Depending on the request, help the Powerflasher agency acquisition and implementation with their references and knowledge transparently to the customer or act as a pure technology and Kreationsdienstleister in the background. While they have a unique combination of creative power and sophisticated developer expertise. In addition, they have a development environment with own software tools and solutions of proven success, proven for years.

The Powerflasher Hamburg offer a high-quality, safe and responsive production locally. The experience of the past twelve years of cooperation with more than 40 agencies in over 200 projects particular expertise working together gives the team with creative colleagues. Reliability and experience are crucial: So the Powerflasher Hamburg were composed of proven specialists, mostly collected from the head office in Aachen, Germany.

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