Jun 29 2014

Portable Networks

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In late 2002, the corporation Intel, already known earlier support for wireless standards for local area networks, began developing the latest standard, which became known as WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) and designation of 802.16. WiMax is created only to give in disposal of Internet users wireless "last mile". To promote and support the latest standards established WiMax Forum, which was attended by such industry giants as Airspan Networks, Alvarion Ltd, , Wi-LAN, Proxim Corporation, Nokia Inc, and others. Throughput of channels WiMax does not exceed 100 Mb / s, and almost at the level of 10-30 Mbit / sec. So WiMax can not compete with DSL and other "wired" networks in terms of bandwidth. Advantages of WiMax in the other.

Access points 802.16x (at Currently, the most "viable" is the protocol version, 802.16-2004) must be installed on high buildings and towers of cellular networks. Radiating in the frequency range from 2 to 11 GHz, they provide the possibility of wireless access to the channel width of up to 70 Mbit / sec. Provided a well-developed infrastructure, WiMax as consumers may be the likeness of the world's mobile Internet. At the appropriate level of access points covering the territory, and the same way with a special software consumers will be able to enjoy high-speed Internet via WiMax-each device, not only at home but on the street and in cafes, office, car, etc. Because several providers have the opportunity to expand their access point in a coverage area, an Internet user can choose the provider.

WiMax devices themselves may be compact computers with special software, and Portable audio and video players. This is ideal. But … In reality, it turns out not quite so. The first network based on the fully WiMAX-certified equipment will be launched until early 2009, and in the Russian Federation – not before 2010. Despite this, still not entirely clear what standard would be preferred. This situation is somewhat similar to the one that evolved in the early days of WiFi networks, with the only difference is that when placing a local network can be ordered all the equipment from one manufacturer and thus solve the problem of incompatibility. Taking into account the vagueness of the standards in bringing WiMAX Forum decided that candidates for certification will be WiMAX- to be combined in threes in this form to prove the possibility of sharing data devices.

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