Sep 20 2023

Poetical Art

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The first division of the literary sorts date of Old Greece and is made by Aristotle, in its Poetical Art. According to Aristotle, it is possible to identify three sorts of literary manifestation: the lyric one, epic and the dramatical one, each one of them corresponding to the expression of determined experience human being. In Old Greece, the poets presented its compositions with the accompaniment of musical instruments. The preferred one was the lira, of which drift the denomination lyric sort. This standes out the interior world, where the poet presents emotions, feelings and states of spirit.

Aristotle considered despite some texts were written to be represented, staged, that, by the way, drama is felt original of the word (= action). In the context of the literary sorts, the written text would be considered dramatical to be presented in public, with actors, scenes, etc. The third literary sort identified by Aristotle was epic. In the epic subjects the huge facts related the heroic personages are tematizados. The fact is standed out of that, exactly characterized individually as heroic, the personages of an epic fulfill the function most important to represent collective feelings and values. It has the concern of the all time to inform the one that people the hero belongs or which its filiation.

For association to the hero, the family and the people the one that also belongs engrandecem with the extraordinary actions. Test of this is the sacralizao of the arc of Odisseu and the affirmation of the superiority of the Greek people in the victory on the troianos. The narration of the heroic facts functions, then, as symbol of the value and the virtues of the people that represent. This narrative aspect of the epic poem can be understood in the initial stretch of the Odyssey, of Homero. ‘ ‘ Muse, recounts me the facts of the astucioso hero who much Peregrinou, you give that esfez the sacred walls of Troy; many cities of the men travelled, it knew its customs, as in the sea it suffered innumerable sufferings in the soul, so that the life saved and of its friends volta.

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