Apr 09 2018

Plimpton Owner

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They are currently thousands visitors from all parts of the world that overlook the world of the disappeared writer, thanks to what saved their collections. In the already aforementioned interview with Plimpton, the writer defined the farm as a splendid place to work. Somewhere he added that there had his books, his paintings, his memories. Next to his bed of man alone, wife slept in the opposite Wing of the House, is your machine typewriter, by which some collectors offered years ago to 50 000 $. Correspondence that came to the House after the death of the owner remains on the bed, unopened, and in a zapatera are their huge shoes. Also appear a Picasso and ceramics on the walls, posters of bullfights and the horns and the stuffed heads of animals he killed in their hunt. Finally, you can lean one to the intimacy of the writer.An intimacy that always protected with much zeal.

In the dining room, where there was always one covered for the unexpected visitor, there is a mosaic with this inscription: Does not fit anyone here without being called. As the writer complained much how much importunaban it its visitors, Miss Mary, his fourth wife, he ordered to build the surrounding three-storey tower house. The first floor would serve dwelling more than 50 cats of the farm; in the second guardarian tooling of fishing and hunting for the owner, and in the third, taking before his eyes a splendid panoramic view of the city, would be his study. On this particular account a quite hilarious anecdote. Hemingway went up a day the Tower supposedly to write and remained there for 15 minutes, during which strove, in vain, to construct a sentence. He came down and never again returned to use the stay to work. He said that he could not resist the loneliness of her new Studio…and he continued to write in her room.

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