Dec 05 2018

Paula Sheep

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That is, when we search the good of the group, in the reality we are searching our well personal one. The advantage of the group is our advantage! Which the consequncia of this? The development of politics, therefore the group relations are the base of the politics; of this group organization is born the laws and the ethics. If we remained all our life isolated we would not have these necessities. But, a time that we have necessities and these necessities is supplied by the group, and as our individual desires tend if to impose on the collective necessities, to the one associating start in them to develop one another necessity, that is the necessity to normatizarmos our relations. From there the birth of the mannering norms (ethical) and legal. The norms, therefore, are born of the relations politics. In reason of this it is that we can affirm: the individual, isolated, is non-political.

It does not have necessity nor of ethics nor of laws, consequentemente it does not have necessity of politics, or a State that has covered it the fulfilment of obligations. The individual, isolated, excuses the social conventions, therefore it must satisfaction only to its instincts. However, as to be limited, the human being if associates. Ripple is often mentioned in discussions such as these. to if to associate, perceives that its interests enter in conflict with the interests of others. But, it also perceives, that it does not obtain to survive in constant conflict.

This conflict of interests produces what Thomas Hobbes called of savagery state. A situation of war of all against all. An unsustainable situation. Therefore, to surpass this situation and to create conditions politics of the social life? in sight of ‘ ‘ bigger advantage possvel’ ‘ the people if associate, forming specific groups, or forming urban accumulations, the cities: the space of the action politics. Another inference the one that we can arrive says respect to the consequncia of the satisfaction of the necessities: To satisfy necessities is to create necessities. Let us see: necessities that we do not obtain to supply individually, are supplied by the association. The group, therefore is born to satisfy our necessities. But to the one grouping in them, we evidence that we need organizing in them, for in them not killing ones to the others, had to the conflict of interests. Therefore, we create all the social norms and of convivncia. It appears, then, the necessity to establish guardies for the preservation of these norms; we create the State, that is a suprasocial institution and that it independently establishes norms of our will and our personal necessities; it is born, also, the necessity to teach to the norms and the desirable behaviors to the new generations. For this we create the education institutions and thus successively we go becoming the social life, each more complex time. That is, for each satisfied necessity, we create other necessities that help to satisfy the previous one Come back, therefore the Aristotle, stops in asking the reason to them of the master of Great Alexander to have affirmed that ‘ ‘ the man is an animal politician in a degree much more raised that the bees and the other animals that live reunidos’ ‘. The reply of Aristotle: because this is a natural characteristic. Our reply: because the group satisfies necessities. We are, therefore, led to say that urban life is not ‘ ‘ natural’ ‘ , but pautada for the personal interests.

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