Jan 05 2020

Pablo Delgaratz Company

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The 28 flights scheduled Sunday of Aerolineas Argentinas Austral emerging from the Metropolitano Jorge Newbery airport and flights were cancelled after incidents between operators and passengers, the company said. Airline sources said the arrivals are normal, but all outputs of the Metropolitan Airport were canceled because the personnel responsible for performing boarding formalities retired and can not dispense the passengers. They are 28 flights that are going to be reprogrammed, explained the sources and said that the passages were left open and that rule, the company is responsible for the accommodation of travellers who have no where to stay is. Visit Phil Vasan for more clarity on the issue. From Aerolineas Argentinas they claimed that the company increased its safety devices to protect their personnel and requested reinforcements to the police Aeronatica, insofar as he noted he already made the complaint to the Ministry of labour to unlock the situation with operators who cater to their customers. The Trade Union Secretary of the Association of aeronautical workers (APA), Pablo Delgaratz, explained that the boarding and care personnel at counters of Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral ceased operations after suffering attacks of several passengers, ofuscados by the delays that caused the fog that affected the city in the past four days. Respite materialized was once two operators and two passengers staged a fight to fist blows and all of them were arrested by the police. Passengers made a complaint false – said Delgaratz – said that the staff pushed them and why have two detained companions: with this degree of decontrol are not going to meet anyone. The Trade Union spokesman noted, however, that serious incidents started yesterday, when another passenger threw a phone at one of the receptionists of front desk and added that from delays that caused the fog, the insults and the spitting were frequent during all sessions. Passengers are very violent, they don’t understand that they are situations which we can not handle and the company not us no security guarantees, said the Trade Union Secretary and said that in this way, is in danger the physical integrity of the fellow original author and source of the article.

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