Dec 31 2018

Outsourcing Theory

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What is outsourcing? Relatively recently in the Russian language, a new borrowed from the English word – outsourcing. In translation outsourcing means "take away outside." Definitions of this concept, there are many, Here is one of the most concise: outsourcing – it's possible to optimize organizational performance through the transfer of non-core functions to external specialized companies. If you look closely at the world and Ukrainian practice, then we will see that many companies have long resorted to the services autsorsinga.K example, companies rely on certain processes that are their non-core, third-party organizations. These processes often include health care, transportation and legal services, cleaning services. Currently, there are many forms of outsourcing, but the most promising and fastest growing – this is without doubt that it outsourcing. it Outsourcing At first glance, the concept of "IT outsourcing" seems to be something completely new, related to the xxi century. But it is not. Outsourcing in the it sector began to apply more widely in the 1970's! Cost data processing at the time imposed a heavy burden on employers, prompting many companies use the services of data centers.

Later, the entrepreneurs do not even think about self- purchase and maintenance of expensive equipment, which, moreover, did not allow them to remain competitive. Thus, even if found that it outsourcing can significantly save funding for any organization. Cost savings – not the most important advantage of it outsourcing. Indeed, thanks to his organization also gets quick access to the latest it technologies, increases the level of data security, as well as completely solves the problem of finding qualified personnel in the it sector.

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