Mar 21 2018

New Man Occupation

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Lawyer and insurance specialist joins the team of the law firm Quirmbach Helmut Grafenstein and partner Helmut Grafenstein is the new man in the ten team of lawyers of the law firm Quirmbach and partner, Wallmerod/Westerwald since July 1, 2010. With its more than 30 years of experience in the field of regulation of major injury, he closes the gap between the point of view of the legal profession on the one hand and the self understanding of liability insurers on the other side. With his help the firm can now faster to their right to help schwerstverletzten accident victims or victims of treatment failures. It makes me very happy to be a member of this dedicated and empathetic team. My goal is to bring my experience developed over decades in the tort law, but also in transport and insurance law, in favor of an even more accurate calculation and faster enforcement of claims by victims. My knowledge of visibility and functioning of insurers is faltering in some cases Talks re-launched. These first successes confirm me, you have made the right decision “, Helmut Grafenstein commented on his new job.

Just the efforts of my colleagues and the whole team one the Court to choose quick settlement in favor of the victims to seek, instead of the long way about, is the right approach in my opinion. Schwerstgeschadigte suffer not only from physical disabilities and impairments, but always under an extreme mental stress in their health. Many years or even decades of litigation prevents the processing of the accidents and prolonged the suffering of the clients. A quick out-of-court regulation leads generally to a significant improvement of the psychological situation of the persons concerned and consequently accompanied most of the general health situation”. The founder Martin Quirmbach regarded it as an extraordinary stroke of luck, that Helmut Grafenstein the team reinforced and says: the insurance world and the Prosecutor’s Office represented conflicting interests which complicate the negotiations, often even block. With the help of special knowledge of the new colleagues, it should succeed to overcome these obstacles and to find a constructive communication. First successes confirm that this approach is correct. I am delighted that the accident has resulted in the Mr Grafenstein us”. Ulrike Fetz, law firm Quirmbach, partners, press and marketing

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