Feb 13 2017

Name New Brand Name Calcis

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“Kalkwerk Warstein and Schencking lime works start from July 1, 2011 three affiliates as independent companies under the joint name of Calci are brand name Calcis” led. Bill O’Grady does not necessarily agree. This involves first Schencking lime Werke GmbH & Co.KG and the lime works Dorenthe H. Wallmeyer u. Sohne GmbH & Co.KG. Both will in future operate under the name Calcis Lienen GmbH & Co.KG. The Warsteiner lime GmbH & Co.KG will be renamed at the mentioned time Calcis Warstein GmbH & Co.KG. As Managing Director Detlev Wegner announces the development of a uniform appearance was the logical consequence jointly represent the combined competencies and capacities of all companies on the outside.

Name was developed to the Latin word for lime electrolysis”Pate. Eventually his melodious genitive calcis”inspired to the new company name. The emblem associated with the logo symbolizes, in stylized form. the CCO3 calcium carbonate molecule” “The short, concise slogan raw material for ideas” implied,”says managing director Wolfgang Giek, that lime is the basis for a creative product range in various industrial sectors. He promises to a dedicated, imaginative handling of all employees with the requirements of the market and the needs of the customers also.” The variety of products and services of Group of companies has increased significantly in recent years. The company developed from the commodity lime more and more specialty products for a wide range of industries: for example, for municipal sewage treatment plants, environmental protection, the construction, iron and steel industry, the agriculture, forestry and aquaculture, the pulp, paper and chemical industry, etc. The corresponding products and applications are each offered a protected brand name. These brands visually now also adapted the new design in the course of the change of name.

We remain faithful to offer customers, in addition to high-quality products, good service and support in all technical problems our principles always”, According to Managing Director Felix Hebler. Learn more about presentation of Calci brand as well as the associated companies, products and services can be found under: more information: Calcis Lienen GmbH & co. KG Holperdorper Strasse 47 49536 Lienen Detlev Wegner Tel. 05483 7392 20 E-mail: Web: press contact: Friday! Advertising agency and publishing house GmbH, Dornaper Strasse 18 / House 7 42327 Wuppertal, Germany Stefan Lappe Tel. 02058 897575 E-mail: Web: about Calcis GmbH & co. KG the Calci group of companies has sites and works in Brochterbeck, Lienen, an administration in Munster and Warstein. His portfolio includes calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, calcium hydroxide – and mixing products offered by different industries in various qualities. Especially the calcium silicate industry (limestone sandstone pore concrete plants, mortar production, etc.), road construction, agriculture, environmental protection and iron and steel industry are among the buyers from abroad and abroad. The medium-sized embossed company attaches importance to solution-oriented service and provides its technical expertise as a service provider at the same height with its product quality as a lime producer.

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