Nov 01 2013

Municipal City

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For the accomplishment of this study of case, a term of assent for the lawyer was elaborated who the Municipal City hall of Brook of the Plaza offers where the responsible one for the school and the child signed, if compromising to carried through research authorizeing this to participate as study object. The choice of the instrument was given through the characteristics of the research. By having descriptive character and to be a case study, it was used as avaliativo instrument the direct comment, following an aiming through a comment guideline, the research is of qualitative fist. The related inquiry was carried through in a school of the city of Brook of the Plaza-Bahia, Municipal School of 1 situated Tiradentes degree in the Valdemar square Walnut s/n, the school functions in the three turns (60h), possesss 09 classrooms, 01 kitchen, 04 bathrooms, with the following picture of employee: 01 director, 01 vice-director, 01 pedagogical coordinator, 03 permitted secretaries, 07 graduated professors and 07 if graduating, the school function of 1 to the 4 year of Basic Ensino. Second, VAYER (1990) defines the comment as being the look rank on the activity of the child, individualizada or in group, allowing to point out the child in sectors as motor development, the playful and social behavior. The excessively participant ones of the research only had been considered as collaborating for the analysis of the study, where they appear only when some manifestation of the girl occurred stops with the too much colleagues, in the direction to verify the behavior of the participant front to the relationship with the same ones at the moment of the lessons and the interval. By being about a case study, the sample was collected through a child of 08 years with dislexia characteristics, this attending a course 3 year of basic, frequenta education the Municipal School of 1grau Tiradentes in the city of Brook of the Plaza, the pupils of the municipal net of the city who have some difficulty of learning or another deficit is directed by the school for the CRAS- Center of Reference of Social Assistance, therefore the school does not have a psychologist for taking care of the pupils when necessary.

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