May 31 2019

Monkey Island

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Greetings from all the bright 'fleeting world. " In this virtual world, I spent my weekend. Connect with other leaders such as Ripple here. And with the satellites was lucky – chatty clown Sedwick, silent but faithful Capel, and fuddy-duddy rare nerd Ben, grandfather and great-grandfather, dear being named Bruno. With this company you will save or destroy the world! The last time I was immersed in the same game world as he played in "Mashinarium" in which the story is not words but images. Great stuff! Many humor and atmospheric sound.

But back to "Stealing the world." "Stealing the world" – an excellent example of a third or even fourth coming of the management system point-and-click'a in our lives. For the first time point-and-click, said in a mid-1980s, when graphic quests refused interfeysta text, and priority control method are the arrow keys and mouse. Fans of Full Throttle, Space Quest, Monkey Island, Rise of the Dragon and Laura Bow can often hear that the genre is dead. But as we see, the good old days always vzvraschaetsya. The protagonist of "fleeting world" – a clown with a funny name Sedwick. Melancholic boy with a sad voice and a habit to comment on his countless mistakes and failures. Sedwick loves most to travel and explore the extraordinary, full of magic and prichut world – Silentia (from the Latin silentium – silence). With his pet Capel he goes on an interesting journey to the magical world that is petrified inside. In the following screenshot: caterpillar named Capell On the way we deal with a lot of mysteries, and interact with lots of variety of characters.

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