Sep 06 2014

Marilyn Monroe

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Now, collectors are willing to buy vintage clothing "to heap" copies of these miraculously survived, despite their current status. It was flying supplies to the another culture and not just arrive from afar, but from another dimension – from home of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe – gave T-shirts with non-Russian letters special, nor anything comparable to the appeal. Later, during the restructuring, the latter-day entrepreneurs use a magical property of T-shirts with the letters in a purely commercial interests. Not a single state of the then "new Russian", but today just for rich people skolocheno clandestine production of T-shirts with drawings and inscriptions. They bought no matter what: ignorance of language and lack of money. The most amazing thing that this nemudreny business remains profitable and now, when in use applied to T-shirts instead of the terms "design" and "label" sound "prints" and "logos".

Oddly enough, this simple little thing with not less straightforward picture or inscription can help you in many ways. You can buy T-shirt kind of a symbol, and then learn more about him. The symbolic component of the image or inscription is of great importance. Like tattoos, you can literally "the hard way" to try to try the role that you in real life is alien. Suppose you are naturally shy nerd, and you can show off his chest the words "Sea Wolf" or "real macho." Or are you a girl "bluestocking", but this inhibitory interaction sexes fact you can not stop to put on a shirt that says "Want to see my favorite asana?". That's room for creativity distinguishes ordinary T-shirt to the rank of things that can cope with problem, which is not always tough for some well-known designers. It is the eternal problem of the maximum for all the fashion platform, which sounds like "combine incongruous," and in satiety and spoiled society consumption, it becomes less soluble.

Simple knitted item for the upper part of the human body long and firmly holds top spot in the top of the most necessary things of the individual. Banal T-shirt with print with incredible ease of coping with the dream of the luxury industry – at the lowest cost for maximum impact, and even against the backdrop of endless possibilities for creative expression. Buying a T-shirt with a certain symbolic load, you can express your present state, to declare his dream or pronostalgirovat of the past. Thus, it appears that this subject is outside of time and distance, a unique therapeutic resource, and that some of the area, "directed by Sam himself." Nobody has been able to bring together all the shirts as a blank slate. And do not need to do this. Sometimes, in order to change lives, you just go out and buy yourself a T-shirt.

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