Sep 17 2014

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But as a good entrepreneur, prefers alternatives: why boot CreditSegur (to market the products of half a hundred insurers), CreditMotor (sale of cars of occasion from recoveries made by financial institutions), etc. But he also argues that now is when the figure of the financial adviser that he created in Spain is more necessary. Consultants, experienced, looking for the best financing and legal solutions from among all the Spanish and foreign financial institutions, specializing in difficult financing even with defaults or foreclosures. CreditServices, formed by more than 1,500 professionals with experience demonstrated, dedicated to advising insurance, banking and business, has managed to reinvent themselves and rise like the Phoenix after a few years of economic turmoil and a global crisis in the financial system. Creditservices is a private company formed by economists, lawyers and expert financial analysts, with more than one decade of experience in the banking and business consulting to different corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and private individuals.

It is a member joined the National Association of financial institutions credit, and your goal is to find the solution to any financing or refinancing for businesses and individuals. Establish a franchise does not require local in an initial phase. The necessary investment include a canon from 6,000 euros (analyzing areas of exclusivity), and royalties of 5% of turnover (minimum 300 euros the first months). In a second phase the room must have 50 m2 to street, and the total investment, which recovers in 14 months, is around 12,000 euros. The Ensign also selected international franchise Master from 100 thousand euros of investment.

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