Jan 25 2016


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On the other hand, all effective chemicals have been removed from the world market because of its harmful effects on the environment. Subsequently, efforts have been made to find new chemicals in the no-fumigantes group, but not to achieve effective control to the fumigants. In fact, the nematodes are comparatively resistant animals that require high doses of insecticides with nematicides properties. Farmers are still depending on the limited number of insecticides only by the lack of availability of nematicides real and effective. With growing concern about the environment, several alternative methods of control of pests such as biological, botanical and physical control methods are tried to reduce the damage caused by nematodes in crops. However, the judicious use of chemical nematicides may apply for the protection of many crops.

The integration of several available practices is one of the current approaches to the management of the problems of crop pests. Cultural practices are known since time immemorial as a multiple pest control strategy. Biopesticides of botanical origin has also been shown as an effective alternative of nematicides (Mishra, 2002). Therefore, the current options for the management of nematodes are cultural practices, physical methods, the Suppression of nematodes BIOINTENSIVE, botanists and judicious use of chemical nematicides. Considering the importance of nematodes in the system of integrated management of pests, following the entry of protection technologies namely: plough in summer, soil solarization, organic fertilizers, crop rotation, adjustment of sowing dates, the cultivation of resistant varieties, irrigation management, optimal fertilization, the hot water treatment, clean cultivation, green manures, among other / mixed cultures, judicious use of the pesticides, the integration of two or more above mentioned methods could be approved for the management of diseases of insects plague, including nematodes in crop production system. Nature of the problems of nematodes nematodes can be detrimental to the growth and development of the crop based on population density and susceptibility of the soil.

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