Feb 21 2014

Loaders SP

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One of the reserves for increasing the productivity of excavators – dragline is a geometric increase in the capacity of the bucket. Capacity can be varied by changing the length of the bucket and the height of its side walls (width Bucket – fixed). Formed various solutions. Feature provided by excavator bucket – dragline – a geometric realization reserve capacity – the volume is behind the cutting edge under the bottom and not previously used. It may be of various sizes and configurations and substantially complement the capacity of the base kovsha.Arenda construction equipment such as tracked excavators, available in the company 'Golden Age'.

The use of buckets of this design allows you to take the load on the working equipment by 10-12%, improve productivity of excavators – draglines by 15-20%, with the improvement of specific technical and economic indicators. At the same time constructive change in the base bucket small and limited to upgrading the bottom. The methods mnogomaterialnoy optimization, will design excavator bucket – dragline with rational parameters. Application of this bucket can be reduced by 8-10% of the load on working equipment and increase productivity by 12-15%. Dignity ladles increased capacity and a traditional design with rational parameters – invariable width of the cutting edge of what is important to ensure better stability and manufacturability of the process of excavation excavators – draglines. Types of shrub masses, formed as a result of brush cutters, recommended to clean the drains – Loaders SP-3, 2 on the basis of tractor class and the MP-15 on the basis of tractor class Z. Collectors – Trucks vniig created in collaboration with skb Torfmash and Nelidovo plant "Torfmash. Conceived ambitious construction project, by all means, talk to your 'Golden Age', which provides rental of construction equipment.

Collectors – Trucks are on the front of the tractor mounted system, blade with an arched slatted upper hydraulically clamps. Collectors – Trucks AC-3, 2 and MP-15 were departmental and interdepartmental tests in Moscow and Brest regions and produced in batches of applications reclamation and construction organizations. In the operation of the machine proved to be at its best, the machine is fully suited to modern requirements of environmentally friendly and energy saving technologies. Completeness of the collection of wood residues gatherers – Loaders ranges 98-100%, with losses in the amount of 2% observed in the selection of small woody debris. Burying the teeth into the soil when collecting uprooted or cut vegetation and shoveling soil with wood pulp is not happening.

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