Nov 26 2015

Jorge Beschinsky

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Sharp-Management is a new firm that develops its activity in the field of the provision of services and assistance to companies, focusing their attention to the world of SMEs. The brand arises from the experience of a group of professionals in the management of companies within multinational areas, and observation that can maximize the results of organizations from a management optimized, professionalized and customized in each case. With this premise and a vision of the business environment for a multidisciplinary career expands, the firm aims to adapt to the environment of medium and small enterprise complex procedures of transnational organizations, helping the client to act successfully in the present and future scenarios that arise at the current juncture. The company has its registered office in Vitoria-Gasteiz and its scope extends from the Basque country to international action, through the whole of the State territory. To the front is Jorge Beschinsky, a professional with law and Master in management studies Internacional, which has developed his career in Spain, France, United States and United Kingdom, and which exerts steering since 1988, very linked to the industrial sector.

He defines the differentiation of Sharp-Management to introduce a new open concept of enterprise development, based on combining traditional values with innovative approaches. This work philosophy is expressed from the very meaning of the name, which refers in English to the acuity in management. According to Jorge Beschinsky, we intend to find a clear definition of strategies with our clients to develop within the organization. In this sense, his proposal is not based on the implantation of a specific model of management, but to find the style of management of the Organization, identifying their origin, their difficulties, their solutions and reach an own, efficient and sustainable model. The scope of the signature services is very wide and ranges from training to the advice in the area of management, sales, human resources or the intermediation. Recipients are companies very diverse, according to this professional from those who perceive that it does not work correctly until those who seek its competitive advantage in developing improvement processes. In all cases Sharp-Management service is carried out on computer with the client and integrated into your organization, so you create the solution, develops and is consistently applied from inside. Original author and source of the article.

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