Mar 04 2019

Jasmin Wagner Wears New Photo Jewelry As Fashion Ambassador

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Shimmering memories of Waiblingen in April 2010. Beautiful moments always to share with friends and relatives impossible. Images of people standing close distances and create proximity to loved ones. Artist Jasmin Wagner,”formerly known as Blumchen, Clemens takes professionally and travels her boyfriend as a photographic keepsake. Framed in precious silver jewelry of new southern Bijouterie bona puani is their treasure to the constant companion of neck, wrist or ring finger. Precious objects with personality late April online jewelry store opens bona puani its doors on the domain.

Up to the playful charm bracelet, the collection comprises valuable unique matte brushed sterling silver by the fashionable ring over the Petite photo necklace. The elegant treasures made in Germany fine pendant with genuine images of the partner, children or other loved ones give its individual touch. Thanks to hardened protection seal, scratches and fading in the photographed moments are passe. Professional production in the gold city of Pforzheim and precise finishing hand-crafted by a Sindelfingen jewelry designer guarantee high-quality silver jewelry, the style-conscious jewelry girlfriends comfortable ordering on the Internet. Shine the fashionable charm bracelet with interchangeable elements to their personal Star on your wrist as she chooses stars product godmother of Jasmin Wagner. Playful and yet elegant bracelet meets exactly my style. I can freely combine the charms and wear my sweetie so not only, but also my godson with me when I’m on the road”, the actress and presenter is pleased. “Product prices at a glance 925 photo ring in sizes 52, 54, 56, price: 49,99 925 photo necklace, 45 cm, price: 49.99 of 925 charm bracelet with six followers, price: 119.99 over bona puani which in April 2010 launched online jewellery bona puani offers photo jewelry made in Germany” made of sterling silver.

Individual photos will receive an exclusive setting as in high-quality pieces of jewellery. bona puani, a service is the dom Deutsche online Medien GmbH in Waiblingen near Stuttgart. dom acts throughout Europe at various locations as a B2B supplier for digital photo – and PrintServices and acts as a roof successful projects such as the individual online shop beerstickr (, as well as the Web2Print platforms Sir paper and myberryprint (,). In the Southern Branch, the company employs currently 89 employees in different areas such as marketing, technology, logistics and customer service. With more than 200 photo articles dom also has one of the widest product portfolios on the market.

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