Jun 08 2014

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As a result, they either become victims of cheaters, or spend time on the 'clicks' to give a penny for this monotonous work. Most of the anger become ardent advocates of the slogan 'the Internet to make money impossible ', but only a few eventually realize that earn income in the network can, if wisely invested in him their time and energy. Internet – a virtual space, which consists of Web sites. Of course, there are many ways earnings in the network without your website, but it is either an exception to the rule, any activity that somehow relates to a particular site. Consequently, the launch of the resource is one of the most effective ways earnings in the network. Before you start making money online, you need to refine the quality of your Internet access: to determine the maximum amount of traffic that can take your network to test the system for 'Glitches' and possible failures, check your internet speed. Since joining the network, your room will be the office, but directly to a pc or laptop – a tool that brings you income.

Consequently, it is very important to have opportunity at any time freely to the Internet and to ensure smooth operation of their Internet project. Take the test speed of the Internet, as well as to know their ip will help you a great assistant – speed-tester.info. It will help find ip address of your computer, locate ip, get information about open ports on your connection. The very first thing, with what is usually faced man, someone wanted to acquire their site – purchase the domain. Earlier, before the appearance of domains, computers are identified only by ip address, but over time began to be used for the convenience of marks, which if necessary could be converted dns service back to the figures.

As a rule, most domains are already taken, and search for vacant combination is very difficult. To save time, provides whois service – a service that checks the domains for their presence on the Internet. If necessary it can be of further service – find out someone else's ip, as well as data and the name of the owner of this domain name. So, you have acquired the domain name. Now is the time to purchase hosting. Hosting – hosting provider site on the server where the cost is dependent on obtaining a function of site management. Following the acquisition of hosting and posting data on a server, you type in the search name your site and admire for their offspring. Now the question is what to do next You can use the most simple form of the earnings on the Internet – selling links. You just hand over the site under the sponsored links of various resources and charge for a small fee. If you need large earnings, it makes sense to place in your virtual space, contextual advertising, for which pay more, as well as participate in partnership programs and hang banners and. But these clients do not cooperate with each. The more you work on the traffic to your site and 'buildup TIC' (ie, spins), the greater the chance that major customers will want to accommodate you their advertising. This is the most basic ways of earning through your own website, without requiring special optimizer works. But if the process of monetizing your site to connect the imagination, then with the help of an Internet resource You can achieve far greater success than the payment of monthly bills for Internet access. Good luck!

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