Dec 25 2013

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Few things can be as boring as the section about us or about our company. Again, this is an unforgivable strategic error. Your site is yours, and too much work is difficult to, and is not for wasting pages, and less those that give you the opportunity to introduce your company to potential clients, visitors and human resources. Therefore, it is essential to enhance the institutional section, since it is another important resource of internet advertising. Its purpose is of great importance. Imagine a potential strategic partner, someone who is thinking that your company could be shown to participate in the production process of a new product, or offer a revolutionary service.

Pages that will first look at your site is probably the page describing essentially how that company is formed. Or a qualified human resource, which is considering to respond to a job posting that you published. You will probably want to have the best in their ranks. Note the certainty that the institutional page will be your greatest care center. This is your form be presented to society, therefore, is essential that meets certain conditions to make it comply with its mission with maximum success. Make institutional pages to be read. Fun, interesting. A way to get this is to lower them to Earth in terms of its content: relate an anecdote, how you and your partner met, how were their first offices, or if working from the garage of his house in the suburbs.

Tell how they made the first deliveries in the vehicle of his father, and it now has a fleet of motor vehicles used for the distribution of products, or a similar image showing how has professionalized over time. His experience is valuable, it is an asset of your company, don’t be afraid to show it. It will interest anyone see except that have a special affinity with books accounting – the last State of the company or the Declaration of assets. Rather, that the person concerned will want know is how it solves its business challenges, or with what resources account for particular demands. It is not a bad idea to include a video, to show for example installations, especially if it has special machinery that deserves to be highlighted, or the place where working designers, if this is one of the main services that your company provides. Teach your company kitchen is another way of boosting sales, because that way, users know exactly what they are buying. If you liked this article and want to place it on your site, can do so smoothly, provided you cite as a source to advertising in Internet Explorer Advertising agencies and Internet Marketing Concept of Marketing Social Online 3 NGO United by affinity: Libertopolis: Guatemala web advertising: Internet advertising breaks records dormitorios+2 2 bathrooms furnished apartment + garage TVE responsible for new deliveries of a country to eat inside Tele

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