Dec 08 2014

Infrared and Heat

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In the course of our work with clients, we had many questions about gender and infrared doubt about answers dealers, resellers and manufacturers of infrared films. The answers to these questions, we decided to obtained empirically. Infrared warm floor under the linoleum? First, we are interested in the question was: "whether an infrared heated floor lay directly under the linoleum with no plywood or gypsum fiber board?". The answer is – yes you can, but if … …

.. we bed in order substrate, film, vinyl, because of the inherent softness of linoleum and heat reflecting substrate at high risk of mechanical damage to infra-red film. If we exclude the substrate, then the risk mechanical damage is reduced at times, but it suffers from efficiency infrared film. This means that while you will not get warm the concrete base to set the thermostat to the temperature, the film will be continuously heat, while spending precious kilowatts. So, my advice is do not skimp and do it right – heat-substrate, an infrared film, plywood or gypsum fiber board, and only after the linoleum. How much power consumption Film? To this question I can answer both – it depends on many factors.

One of the main, is the type of flooring. It all depends on what his heat. If the floor holds the heat for a long time, so thermostat will be less likely to include heating infrared film exposed to the temperature you. There also appears next factor that influences the consumption of precious kilowatts – the difference between the temperature setting on thermostat and the air temperature in the room.

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