Jun 19 2013

Idea Management

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"So says George Soros. Opinion expressed in an interview Die Welt. / /. Each government's forces to begin play in the crisis, which involves a systematic built a program of action, coordinating the work and complete understanding of the meaning of each action at all levels of government throughout the crisis process. We understand that the condition of coherent meaningful activity is the most difficult to achieve. We would say "unattainable in general", if not owned social technology that allows you to significantly increase the effectiveness of collective action and command work for a few days. The main difficulty is to convince the public managers of the need for this social technology – this task is almost unsolvable.

Rather, they will bring to State bankruptcy and turn it into a colony, than will use non-standard (they think) methodological approach. GAME OF THE CRISIS It is clear that if public managers are not offered in any way a meaningful program action, the issues become crisis issues of individuals and individual firm.Bezuslovno the crisis – a process that can (and should!) control. So now people can be clearly divided into three categories: those who Crisis, those who played during the crisis and those who manage KRIZISOM.Te who plays in a crisis, gets little money for large real assets. Opportunity to play in the crisis and have everyone win. Idea Management a single firm during the crisis, in essence, no different from the idea of managing the entire global economy or the economies of individual states.

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