Dec 31 2015

ICT Management

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On January 1, 2010 came into force e-Administration, a key date in which materialized the work of four years of study, development and implementation of information and communication technologies; a major effort being carried out both public administrations such as companies who are creating solutions and electronic applications. This conversion, adaptation and electronic bureaucratization is a slow and intense process; strides than the Administration, aware of the challenge that implies, is approaching from the foundations, on the basis of a change of mentality and a cultural opening to the modernization of tools and work processes. And all this has a purpose very clear and defined: improve services, simplify procedures and optimizing technological and communications infrastructures, that is to carry out operational efficient. The silent revolution in the public administration, the public sector is making a huge effort, investing much time and resources to adopt ICTs as tool, still tangible in projects that have been conducted with the public sector and which are already running optimally and in improvements and constant updates that we made. ledge.. However, there is still long way to go, has to be a more secure legal regulation, a more standardized personal equipment and greater collaboration from public authorities.

We have to be aware of what this change will assume this great silent revolution that is being held here and now and that we are protagonists. Control purchase processes understanding this reality, the Administration has focused this year on a series of processes, among them, one of the most important: the records management of hiring, which also represents one of the most regulated activities that can be found in the public sector. Deploy a tool that controls the entire process, from detection of the need to act in reception, and can carry out the task of registration, archiving, distribution and retrieval of documents, ensuring the principles of transparency and confidentiality, it is an innovative solution that contributes to the optimization of the operational internal by increasing agility and control in the process of purchasing management. In addition to be focused in this area, are being carried out important projects as a registry of input/output, telematic register, administrative management, billing telematics and the citizen portal. Numerous institutions and public bodies, both local and as central, have placed their trust in ICT solutions that integrate these processes transparently. Administrations choose advanced technology solutions tailored to their processes of managing large volumes of documents and content, such as records management, the record of entry and exit of correspondence or the preparation and distribution of press releases. Today, more than never ICT solutions companies are closer to the Administration, helping them to identify their needs and implementing specific solutions to the needs of the Administration in close collaboration. Aware of the path that must travel, selected with care to his traveling companion, because as said Charles Darwin did not survive the strongest nor the most intelligent but which is able to adapt more quickly to the changes.

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