Jul 25 2015

Hotels In St. Petersburg Economy Class

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Every year for St. Petersburg is accompanied by an increase in the number of tourists who want to see all the sights. Too many tourists, being a great connoisseur of art and history, however, kind to their money and want to get affordable housing with a minimum set of amenities. All this fuels the demand, and as a consequence, stimulates the development of market economy-class hotel. Here for such travel and need this hotel. These economy-class hotels provide an opportunity to cheaply and with relative comfort to live in them a certain time, not spending at the same high material costs.

Customers economy class hotels in our time constitute a large enough share of the market of hotel services. Therefore, to draw a portrait of a typical representative of the target audience of budget hotels is quite difficult. The resulting portrait is a very versatile, because it a man who goes to watch the St. Petersburg, admire the beauty of its historical monuments, to penetrate the atmosphere of romance and grandeur, and a business person who is not going to all the free time sit in a room under air conditioning. But for such people, cheap hotels and are an excellent option. We note here that consumers such as tourists with a great family, great company of tourists and schoolchildren prefer, rather, some hostel for your stay. Another feature of all economy-class hotel – there was only very minimal, very small set of services. In various economy hotels meet a variety of services, but mostly it breakfast, parking place, internet access, taxi, restaurant or bar.

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