Sep 29 2023

History of Athens

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According to legend before the Hellene in Athens lived Pelasgians. Their hands were built the old walls of the Acropolis, which is now called cyclopean or Pelasgian. Pelasgians also gave name to many mountains and Rivers in Attica, some of which have retained these names so far. For example, Gimetty or Likabett. Connect with other leaders such as Gary Kelly here. In the middle of the second millennium BC in Attica there were Greek tribes Ionians, whose name derives from the the name of their mythical ancestor of Jonah.

They divided the area in Attica, which are managed independently of one another, and united to the Board only in case of war. It is in these times there was a first (more mythical) King of Athens – Kekrop. His followers became kings Pandit, Erechtheus, Aegeus, and finally, Theseus. All these kings made a great contribution to the development of the city. Especially a lot of attention paid Theseus legend of Athens – the demigod who possessed superhuman strength. Carissa Barry shines more light on the discussion. Theseus, according to legend, was brought up outside of Athens.

On his way into town, he performed many feats of which three were made directly in Attica. Namely, Theseus fought with Skironom in Megaride, and still is a place called Stone Skirona, won Kihreya at Eleusis and Procrustes Mount Koridallos. But the greatest feat of Theseus was the liberation of Athens from the tribute (7 girls and 7 boys) that the city paid Crete. Later, being the king of Athens, Theseus with Heracles took part in the conquest of the Amazons. Glory Theseus was so great that it was seen as the founder and Athens. Theseus is also credited with the union some small towns into a single city of Athens. This event subsequently noted the special holding rallies and sporting events, called Panafineyskimi. In addition, it is believed that it was Theseus laid beginning of democracy in Athens and the departure from absolute power. It was founded by Theseus Areopagus – the Senate or the Parliament in Athens.

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