Nov 04 2015

Hagola Beer Theken And Cocktail Stations

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Beer bars and cocktail stations of Hagola leave no wishes today’s requirements for cooling counters in bars, restaurants and hotels are very high. In addition to the functionality of OSH, a reliable cooling and the hygienic demands should be met. Each counter should have it 2 rinse options, firstly to the pre-wash and secondly to rinse the glasses. To meet these requirements, cooling counter are made with 2 sinks, or alternatively with a sink and a shower of glass. Counter areas can choose the variant with a sink in tight spaces. In this case, the glasses rinsing shower, which is incorporated into the drip tray is a must”. The glasses are pre rinsed in the existing sink and then rinse the glass shower.

The use of a glass shower has the further advantage that the flushed, warm jars are cooled with cold rinse water, therefore remain the draught drinks longer cold. The drip recess integrated into the bar cover with the patented Prism hole cover takes up any spilled drink and leads it through a connected drip dump hose in the drain. The amount of investment for the new acquisition of a cool bar, depends on its design and equipment. The company Hagola is so very flexible. In addition to the special construction Hagola manufactures the cooling counter in three quality classes, the simple economy class, the average quality of the Hagola business class and the premium quality of the first class. In all three classes, you can freely select the facilities of the cooling compartments and occupy the flushing unit with hinged doors or a garbage dump truck. Chilled door compartments are used primarily for the beer counter tapping. The keg is stored in the refrigerated counter and pierced, the caterer will save this long beer line lengths and thus quality and energy losses.

The refrigerated drawer compartments come mainly for the Bottle cooling used. You can also individually determine the distribution of the drawers. You can split the economy class with 2 drawers drawer compartments stacked, consists of business and first class, you can assemble the drawer compartment with 3 stacked drawers (3 x 1/3). The drawer or the doors with Thermoverglasung and backlighting can be built for an effective presentation of goods. Installation of cooling tanks, called also crush-Icewannen add the need for a necessary cooling for mixed drinks or cocktails. There are the special cocktail stations, also can be tailored to the requirements of any bar business available for this purpose. With this special cocktail stations, Hagola has managed to produce a functional tool, taking into account design and practical functionality, for a perfect operation of the bar. The outer dimensions are designed so that is the Cocktail stations can be integrated without difficulty in an existing counter area. The use of high quality materials and production using the latest technology guarantee low failure rates and a long life of the Hagola products. However, should a faulty condition arise, the 24-month factory warranty enter into force, that you can make on demand seven days in the week. Michael Jopke

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