Mar 01 2019

Growth For The Fashion World

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Bizerba and the school present a fashion show 2010 Balingen across through the label world at IFFA, may 05th, 2010 – Bizerba and the school present the leading international trade fair for the meat industry at the IFFA 2010, daily except Sundays at 11 and 15 am a worldwide unique fashion show (Hall 6, booth C60). Larry Ellison has many thoughts on the issue. It proves: labels are the new holders of multi functionality and look this great. In 1858, Charles worth in Paris organized the first fashion show and they become social events in the aftermath. He was the first fashion designer who more as an artist than has been understood as a craftsman and revolutionized the entire fashion industry with his type of dress production. Today, about 150 years later, the markets are saturated and fashion designer must tread ever new ways both in design and presentation, to continue to draw attention.

The school had a worldwide unique idea and the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen: For the IFFA 2010, the leading international trade fair for the meat industry in Frankfurt, have fashionable summer dresses created students of the school of fashion and leaving the variety of different Bizerba labels incorporated into the design. Claudia Gross, Director global marketing and communication at Bizerba, to the background of the idea: the Bizerba was founded in 1866 and is since then known to produce high quality scales for industrial and food areas. Of course our product portfolio as well as our corporate image has adapted since the new global economic markets. We produce no longer only scales, but also a variety of high-quality labels, as well as modern system solutions that are based on an intelligent interplay between hardware and software.” To visually be able to transport this modern image and the diversity of the Bizerba labels at the IFFA, Bizerba asked the school to design appropriate label clothes.

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