Aug 30 2018

Greek Culture

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In uncurling of history, Diniso finds the Cron boatman who for two bulos accepted to cross it for the quagmire. During this crosspiece, Diniso argues with the frogs that inhabit this humid environment because its brequequequequex coax annoy coax it. Had the choir of the Frogs that if draws out almost until the end of the passage, that this workmanship was intitled of ' ' The Rs' '. When arriving at the hell the god of the Greek theater reencontra its Xantias servant and them presenciam the appearance of a lendrio and dreadful monster in woman form, the mpusa call, that disappears leaving the new despaired visitors. From then on a series of desventuras also becomes gift, Diniso is threatened of death for the iaco, therefore it confuses it to this with Heracls (since Diniso was disfarsado of it) and accuses it to have taken the dog of guard of the hell; by the taberneiras it also is accused with robbery unjustly. Under most conditions Larry Ellison would agree.

iaco had not obtained to distinguish who age the true god, since Diniso lived changing of disguise with smart and submisso Xantias, and decided to take it Persfone, that was a goddess and, according to iaco, it would have more conditions to make such differentiation. At the moment where it occurs this Xantias action leaves the house with a slave of Hades and after some colloquies they hear a warm quarrel, were a misunderstanding between the deceased squilo and Eurpedes. The winner of this quarrel would occupy the place of better tragic poet and if he would seat in the throne to the side of Hades. Then, a new competition was initiated e, by believing that Diniso knows the art dramatical, it was given the judgment. The genius of Aristfanes in placing the proper god of the Greek theater examining each verse of the tragedies of the best Greek tragedigrafos, that until then exists, is admirable, therefore if it stopped a considerable battle there in what it refers to critical literary efervescente of that time.

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