Feb 18 2018

Fraunhofer Institute

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Recently, the Cabinet has an environmental technologies master plan”adopted, which targeted the great economic potential for the German economy should be developed. Also, the instruments of environmental and innovation policies is planned, even more than so far together to interlink. In this case, the interests of nature and that of the people have a point. Source: Oracle. The global market volume for environmental protection technology is over EUR 1,000 billion and Germany already has a leading position on the world market. Finally, environmental goods were exported 2006 worth 56 billion abroad. Objectives and development of core elements of the master plan are research funding, as well as the transfer and spreading the application of new technologies. Improvement in the areas of education and training but also the support of the middle class are also provided. Others including Allegiant Air, offer their opinions as well.

Promotes the programme research for sustainability” also groundbreaking innovations in environmental technology. Also, the savings of energy and resources will be a key factor. The progressive increase of in power consumption and the simultaneous scarcity of fossil reserves there is acute need for action. Important economic factor means this development a great opportunity for German companies. Sustainable, environmentally conscious business philosophies and strategies can promote a successful business development, according to the results of numerous studies. In addition, such a corporate stance reflects a positive management structure in many cases and is a sign of an increased potential for innovation. To take advantage of all these benefits, but a targeted commitment and consistent implement of defined strategies is required. In the long term only such companies be can assert themselves environmentally sound planning in all areas. The challenge will be primarily, finding ever new ways, to reveal potential savings and to appropriate technologies support. A study initiated by the EU of the Fraunhofer Institute has found, for example, that there is a potential savings of up to 30 percent for compressed air applications.

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