Jul 17 2014

FIVE Running

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Run as fast as you can talk freely. QUESTION FIVE: WHAT ARE THE RACES Sportswear must be convenient, comfortable, not hindering traffic, pleasant to the touch, preferably – from natural fabrics. Do not wear clothes made of synthetic materials, so as they interfere with sweating, blood circulation and make it difficult to create a feeling of discomfort. This applies to both the upper and the lower clothing. Seamless underwear is recommended, slinky, in soft microfibre allows you to breathe flushed skin.

For clothing is recommended during the summer cotton jersey, and for training in cold weather – fine wool. Socks can be cotton or synthetic half. Sneakers – the most important thing in the race. By the choice of footwear should be approached with utmost seriousness and attention, because an incorrect selection can harm your body, 'repulsed' internal organs, rubbed his feet and delivering yourself a lot of other problems. The pleasure of running this you will not get it. Running shoes should be light and able to soften the blows, while pushing off the foot off the ground. Most suitable shoes or sneakers, especially Shoes with special air-bag.

Shoes do not have to be leather, there are now better materials: nylon, nubuck, synthetic leather, coated canvas for off-road models – all this is often greater than the skin on the durability and the ability not to let the moisture. Synthetics are now able to breathe and to test the flexibility of superior natural materials. In addition, it can be washed, foot rests on the artificial top up more organic and firmly, as synthetics do not 'afraid' of glue and plastic. Sole – this is what protects the feet from injury and damage, so all the technological advances in recent years have focused on its improvement. Sneakers should have shock absorbers in the heel, fix the ankle. When you purchase must pay attention to what the sport is designed shoes – running shoes should have the inscription 'Running'.

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