Jul 15 2014

Film Genre

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Laugh-dominant element in the genre of comedy, which is realized on the screen in different ways, events, plot twists, etc. Laughter allows us to lift the spirits, acquired by positive emotions, joking with friends jokes that are heard in the film, and as proved by scientists, laughter, prolongs life. As you know on the silver screen, on Web sites where you can watch online or download comedy produced a lot of comedy, with vulgar jokes or so to say 'use' jokes. These comedies can only leave the disappointment of this genre. These comedies are: 'The Incredible blockbuster', 'Superhero Movie' and others. Movies that are under the present makes you laugh and enjoy comedy such as 'Ace Ventura', 'Liar Liar' and others. Incredible comedian in this genre Dmim Kerry, his comedy does not leave the viewer indifferent to the film. Each of his comedy is full of new jokes. Jim Carrey is trying to fully live in his role and does everything to amuse the viewer. As I wrote earlier comedy so to speak with sartirnym humor can not make people laugh but we laugh, but from what? Really this is funny? Myself many times asked this question, but I still can not answer it, can affect the mood to laugh, and maybe the situation, the company. See a good comedy that truly makes you laugh, and not 'Squeeze' the viewer laugh.

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