Mar 11 2016

Federal Constitution

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Unquestioned it is the decision of the Judiciary Power in restricting the use of weapons in Brazil. It is basic that the population if acquires knowledge that the firearm alone generates more violence and not backwards security to no home. However, the population is divided between that they are the favor and the ones that are against the disarmament. The human being must perceive that when delivering a weapon, already it will be acting for the peace. As described in our Federal Constitution, the security is a right of all citizen and is to have of the State to construct a free society, solidary joust and. Of this form, delivering its weapons to the responsible being, the population will be leaving that the State plays its role and fights crime of correct form.

The firearm cannot be seen as something that will serve for the personal protection of each person, must be used for who legally is qualified and knows as to use it and not for laypeople. The television, many times, emphasizes tricks involving fight and weapons. For this, innumerable accidents already had occurred with children who had found firearms of its parents in house and playing they had finished if hurting. In fact, assailants also use firearms to steal, but, therefore the policemen if enable each time more so that they can protect the society. To the few, the society goes if organizing, it is a difficult battle to arrest and to disarm all the assailants, but, first fit to the people of good nature to collaborate and to deliver its weapons. With the unarmed population and respecting the laws, policemen will be able to arrest only the criminals. Without the restriction, many people had weapons in house, making it difficult the work of the policy, that went to investigate if the person had license for the use of the instrument and its origin, instead of arresting the infractors. Thus, she perceives yourself that the disarmament is basic for the security and the welfare of the population, leaving that the State plays its role to guarantee the security.

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