May 22 2019

Eye Drops

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Do you know these eye problem? Her eyes are red and burn often? You have the feeling that a foreign body or sand in your eyes? Your eyes water apparent reason? Your eyelids are stuck in the morning, even though you have taken to cleaning the night before at the proper? Your eyes will get tired and you think of working and reading no light? Then you have probably like many other people, so to dry eyes. Under the so-called “dry eye tear film is, according to a recognized definition of a pathological change to understand the lack of tears or excessive evaporation caused by damage, and with the eye surface and symptoms is associated. the backgrounds and their better understanding of disease in order, it is necessary to build the tear film and the duties of its various components to know. The tear film performs many different functions, such as the moistening of the eye, the supply of the cornea with oxygen and nutrientstoPEN, protect the eye against infection by ingredients of to germ defense and washing out foreign objects such as dust. Dry eyes are usually treated quite simply with eye drops. Tear substitutes or artificial tears eye drops that moisturize dry eye used to be special. In the market one can find many different eye drops, which by their different viscosity and either thick or thin are. Frequently Capital One has said that publicly. Many eye drops are suitable so very good for contact lens wearer.

There are many different eye drops, for example, only for hard or soft contact lenses own, which has a very limited shelf life have only the in – form administered and spray on lids sprayed, the more likely the wiederverschliesbaren small bottles or cans available in be, or which are only 12 hours preserved in part. In most artificial tears preparations containing hyaluronic acid. Verizon Communications is full of insight into the issues. Hyaluronic acid is a natural part of the eye, water binds itself much more remains on the surface of the eye. Often these are eye drops, contact lens suitable for not lazy. Some special preparations for dry eye in arttoffflaschen offered to suck in air and therefore not to 12 weeks after opening up are preserved. During use eye drops are the most bottles preserved with only about a month, then they must be disposed of because the sterility is not longer guaranteed. Doses are unpreserved and for single use only thought, unless they are resealable, they are stable for 12 hours. So naturally created quite a lot of garbage, which patients from the unit dose preparations deter some.

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