Oct 31 2011


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If we consider the head, in addition to solving business problems the most common needs that he may try to implement in the workplace, may be the following: 1. Protection issues. As the managerial work is usually very troublesome occupation, some chiefs, tired of the constant stress, problem-free start to appreciate his subordinates, with which you can call members who do not deliver the head in trouble liability on its site, and in this quality they often can forgive some serious sins, such as, say, theft or poor production performance. 2. Informal communication. Often there are heads that are not interesting people, because of what outside work are deprived of the full circle of communication. Such leaders often like to spend hours working time to discuss with their subordinates topics that do not have to cause irrelevant. 3.

Solution neurotic problems. It’s no secret that the vast majority of people in varying degrees, have any neurotic problems. Some managers are inclined to solve them in dealings at the expense of their employees. For example, the head of the house may not be the main, rather the opposite – reduced to the insignificance tyrannical wife. But in his office, he for the family of humiliation clears his subordinates. Another neurotic, unsatisfied by their marital relationship, may try to compensate for their flirtations with collaborators. 4.

The solution of everyday problems. There are also times when superiors that Whether because of their worldly failure, whether due to a sizeable gentry prefer a solution to their everyday problems delegate to subordinates, placing them in a position of personal service. If carefully analyzed Head of the need in solving business problems, here we can find much of interest among the true motives of his conduct. For example, it appears that the greatest value to him are those of the subordinates, which allow it to spectacular to report to management on progress. There are often cases in which the head is not so much concerned with the implementation of production plan, how much personal enrichment at the expense of the company. Naturally, the most valuable to his employees will be those who would assist him in stealing. As another example, the authorities, for subjective reasons of various kinds favors the promotion of certain products to the detriment of the other items of nomenclature. Such options to the true needs of the head part of the solution of business problems can result in tens. It is important to understand that in order to ensure that our labor efforts were highly appreciated by his superiors, maximize their direction to agree with him often ulterior motives. Therefore, in the first place should identify the updated demand management and to correlate them with its own capabilities and the desire to satisfy their own actions. In this case, identifying the true needs of the head is transformed into an intelligence operation building on the collection and processing of secondary data, when, speaking cybernetic language, the head is considered as a black box, and map the “inputs” and “O” on it, trying to find any patterns. For This analysis is useful not only to the results of their own interactions, but similar information on the activities of your colleagues. Should clarify three points: a problem was posed, as was done and what final score was the chief. Of course, that in addition to public inquiries should be closely monitored for manifestations of non-verbal relationship manager to his subordinates in order to find the relationship between their behavior and change its location to them.

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