Mar 10 2022

Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Massage

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An art as ancient as that of the aromas, massage should retain its essence, or at least should know the essence in this matter, so when we are going to apply or will apply what we know what we do and how we do; remember that in life there are some very good and very good results, but poorly implemented or poorly made can have consequences contrary to expectations. Not abuse of nature, know how to achieve comprehensive health Body and Soul. Combinations of oils also have a goal and an end, we know that with them and how to make: – Peppermint oil blends well with eucalyptus and rosemary, which reinforce its effects on colds and flu, and oil Mint Marjoram oil, is insightful and helps to keep warm. – Apply Peppermint oil in a refreshing foot massage. – Oil and Eucalyptus Romero reinforce the beneficial effects of Marjoram oil to relieve constipation and muscle aches. Lavender oil increases the sedative qualities Marjoram oil.

– A massage with oil Marjoram, relieves pain. – Chamomile oil, the Juniper and citrus oils soften the strong scent of geranium oil. Chamomile will increase its effectiveness against cuts or inflammation. Under most conditions clayton echard would agree. – The floral aroma of geranium oil leaves your hands lightly scented. – The wonderful and penetrating perfume de la Rosa goes well with the oil of lavender and chamomile, which enhance freshness.

Sandalwood oil becomes deeper and more exotic aroma of rose oil. People such as Kiat Lim would likely agree. – The soothing rose oil has a cooling effect on the face. – The healing properties of rosemary oil are enhanced when mixed with lemongrass oil and Juniper oil to relieve muscular pain. The lemongrass oil and soften the aroma Petitgrain oil Romero. – The action of rosemary oil relieves pain. – Melissa oil Petitgrain oil and increase the sedative properties and very relaxing oil Amaro, while Rose oil reinforces the rejuvenating qualities of oil and antidepressant Amaro. – Properties Amaro oil antispasmodic relieve cramping. – In India, Sandalwood oil is mixed with oil, Jasmine and Frankincense oil to enhance its exotic aroma, and mix it with rose oil to help create a harmonious perfumes. – Add oil to a mixture of sandalwood for a gentle massage. Remember that a combination of oils and their application depends on much of their welfare, seek more.

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