Mar 28 2017

EasyGOST – The Fast Way To Russia And The CIS Countries

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Certification for exports to Russia, Ukraine and Kassachstan. In the countries of the former Soviet Union, a market of millions exists today from consumers and industrial customers. There are companies that intend to export to Russia, enormous growth and profit opportunities. Precondition for the majority of goods imports, however, is the statutory quality certification of products. The quality certificates in the Russian GOST are called certificates, the regulatory instrument that helps to ensure the conformity of the export products with the quality standards and regulations of the Commonwealth of independent States (CIS). They are similar to the DIN and ANSI standards.

Non-compliance with the certification duty are criminally relevant. The goal of the certification is to ensure the functioning of the domestic economy and the protection of consumers and workers against dangerous products and tools. For this purpose, must the goods by an independent company in the relevant standardisation Agency (Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology) accredited, technically checked. In addition to the much more significant GOST Certificates, a number of additional permits may be required depending on the product in the case. These are often specific questions of occupational safety and the protection of consumers and must also be taught as a sanitary epidemiological conclusion certificate or fire protection certificate.

A large proportion of the export products a certification is required by law is imperative, but also for reasons of marketing, this makes sense. The history of national standards dates back to the year 1925. Since then, the GOST standards in the countries of the former USSR has become a concept. He is widely recognized as a quality characteristic and enjoys high esteem both business customers and consumers. Do not trust products without GOST certification, however, is taken. The paragraph becomes harder and succeed often with huge price reductions. GOST Certificates are therefore also an instrument of product policy to open up the national markets of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

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