Jun 09 2014

Direction Organization

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Critrios for conscription, election, promotion of used: The types of people who are contracted and the ones that have success are those that in accordance with accept and behave the values of the organization. It is basic not to have the favoritism of some people, where the paternalista character can be seen very strong in familiar companies to happen becoming the organization discredited internally. One applies with a conscription and election made for qualified professionals, where they are searched professional who if incase with the profile of the vacant and the objectives of the organization. Its return is of long stated period. It is important, however, to stand out that before any attitude a diagnosis of the current culture of the organization must first be made, to thus be able to make an action plan and finally to execute it and to control it. Application of the cited tools the mechanisms above cited, they can be applied, and they are really forms to make clearly with that the organization changes its corporative culture, that if must observe the size and the structure of each company and adapt in agreement tool its situation. The change of the culture certainly starts from top to bottom, and can and must be executed by the Direction. The intermediate controlling, supervisors, or heads of departments, must obligatorily be party to suit, or stages as of communication they would not function, is its paper also to stimulate the changes proposals, it is for them that the instructions normally arrive, and if to fail in this stage all the process can come below for water. Of this form one concludes that only with the integration of all it is possible to make with that if it changes the culture of an organization. ‘ ‘ Two ways only exist to change the culture of an organization: changing the people or moving of pessoas.’ ‘ (Unknown Author).

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