Nov 12 2014


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The act to evaluate the reading of the pupils implies in accompaniment and permanent reorientation of learning that will be carried through through the diagnosis of difficulties and programming of the activities. Biweekly the professors will make reports of the results gotten with the development of the activities and interests of the pupils in carrying through them. Through the diagnosis, the professors will fill picture with the main difficulties detected in classroom and reinforcement for aiming of the actions of the evaluations of the pupils. WAITED RESULTS? To cure the difficulties of learning of the pupils, being surpassed deficiencies of reading, writing and logical reasoning. To fortify the accompaniment of the parents stops with its children. To recoup autoestima of the involved pupils. To raise the IDEB of the school. FINAL CONSIDERAES the exercise of the application of the project in average education confer favorable conditions the optimum teaching performance and the construction of the knowledge.

Consequentemente the process teach-learning is acquired integrant part of the practical one during all period, pointing out the importance of the approach of the pupil to the reality in which it will go to act, being a creative process of inquiry, intention and interpretation of the reality. For understanding that the reading is really important for a good pertaining to school development and not only a fulfilling of the idle time it considered that the reading in a pertaining to school unit, has a basic paper for the full development of the proposal pedagogical of the school, as well as helping to develop in the pupil all its potentialities. We believe that only we will advance with the awareness and the reflection of that to form critical citizen is the main goal of an educator who respects its pupil. She is necessary to incorporate the practical ones of acquisition of the writing of the contextualizao of the contents, therefore, is characterized in a continuous process that depends, mainly, of the vision that we have relation to the world, respecting a social context of the educator, in approaching to its universe. So sedento of discovery and so trimmed by foolishness human being. The work with project was a knowledge moment, reflection that if configured a great referencial of theoretical and practical interconnection, contributing for our professional formation.

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