Feb 08 2013

Close Of Business

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Businesses represent a concept of doing business in a transparent manner, intimately integrate an ecosystem of participants, collaborating in the public space. Open structures of business troop contributors and non-visible, corporate profits are distributed accordingly. The business enabled the personal commitment and productivity by benefiting the collaborators and producers who can live from and help customers reduce their costs. The definition is inspired by the movements of opening, the principles of open content, tools and open standards (free software, open content, free software, open source movement). Focuses primarily on the open creation products and / or services. This business approach is intended to be for the benefit of all and not only for a group or stakeholders, shareholders, staff, Government, etc reduces the risk of bankruptcy for these companies open movement is due to the fact that the fruits of his work remain in the common heritage and therefore remain a base standing for the recovery of open businesses, even in the most critical situations. A charitable organization that documents all transactions (donations and donations from business use) in real-time on your web sites in public, has an excellent opportunity to be more attractive to donors, especially if the name of donors in Social_Networks (such as real names, Twitter-, Facebook, or other identifiers of brand line) are also made public. So that in this case also donors to participate in charity as a company and more beyond to increase your positive karma of the Community (who earn Whuffies) and building your reputation. Reduce the risk of bankruptcy for such transaction-oriented business due to the fact that * gain increased confidence through disclosure of the cash flow to the public * get more support by visible supporters created a business (also known as a company, Enterprise, and Enterprise) is a legally recognized organization designed to provide goods or services, or both, for consumers, businesses and Government entities.

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