Nov 25 2015

Choose Metal Doors: Economy, Business, The Elite Class .

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Today there is widespread installation of entrance doors. Proposed to date, manufacturers of metal doors options are diverse and belong to different price categories. Heightened consumer demand for these products is due primarily to the fact that each of the categories of buyers can be found among the modern range of metal doors are interested in its products. Door Economy class is a budget version of the metal doors, decorated with a simple and resistant to external conditions finishing. In this category of products includes doors, whose surface is decorated with vinyl artificial leather. This material allows you to create the doors with the surface of different colors and a variety of design solutions.

Door Economy class, whose surface is treated with paint finish, suitable for installation in as the front doors. Their surface is resistant to various kinds of damage, sunlight, and a sharp change in climatic conditions. Since the scratch or damage this surface is not easy, the door with such a coating often installed in homes, located on the first floor apartment buildings. The metal door of the business class are the doors, the design of which is strict and minimalistic. Dostoyannym representative of a class of business doors are coated with dye powder.

For such doors do not need special care, because thanks to the strength and unassuming finish their surface will always remain an integral, without any damage. Door, business Class with a laminate finish best suited for the modern office, decorated in classic style. The surface of the door with such a finish is anti-dust, and also requires a minimum daily care. Among the metal doors of business-class doors decorated with bunks occupy pride of place. Doors with a trim liven up the atmosphere of any, even the dull office, and at the same time will have a strict classical form. Single, rich, and completed the composition in a room of business class will look the door surface is framed with mdf panels. These doors are in some cases look better than those decorated with using solid wood. In addition, the technology for manufacturing mdf panels allows them coloring in any desired shade, which provide the harmony of the door with the overall interior space. The doors of the elite class are a real masterpiece in the field of security, as well as the art of manufacturing doors. Classic elite doors, made of natural solid wood are cherished dream of every housewife, and will noble look in any room. Metal, the doors, decorated with armored glass, will be the subject of constant admiration for not only visitors, but residents of the building. Modern technologies allow us to apply for manufacture of doors as usual, and frosted, patterned glass and mirror. The most popular design options such door is stained glass that never ceases to fascinate the owners of such doors its beauty. For example, Klinskie metal doors, with a surface decorated with artistic wrought products will always be exclusive and expensive. However, the pleasure of just one glance at such a masterly carried out the door is worth it to pay for the door, decorated with art by hammering the required amount. Class elites metal doors will add dignity and uniqueness of the interior of any premises.

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